Once you decide to sell your home you can just feel the stress level starting to increase. You might start asking yourself questions such as: What do I do first? Do I get rid of everything? How do I stage my home? Isn’t there a list of things to do somewhere? Don’t worry - We have your covered! We have worked with thousands of sellers over the years and have developed the best process for selling your home.

Before we get into what needs to be done to your home we need to focus on you as the seller. We need to make one valuable, earth-shattering statement - Disassociate Yourself With Your Home! We can’t stress this enough. People will walk through your house and criticize this and that, or want to make changes to what you spent time and energy creating. These are not personal attacks on you, it is just someone else’s personal taste. Let go of the emotion and think of this as a business transaction. You are moving onto another property and probably had similar thoughts to the buyers that will be wandering around your home. Rest assured that the buyer of your home will settle in, make changes, and eventually make lasting memories of their own.

Now we are strong, confident sellers, let’s get to the business of selling your home and creating your own memories somewhere else! Listed in order below, the following are what you need to do to ensure that you and your home are ready to sell.

Light is key!

Change all the light bulbs in your house. Don’t wait until the buyer’s realtor gives you feedback on how some of the lights are not working. Buyers may start getting worried and may not see the potential in your home. And, when we say all the light bulbs, we mean all the light bulbs!

Get all your bills and house (condo) paperwork ready

You may not want to dig out all your bills and get them organized right away, but it will save time to do this now before you go on a cleaning frenzy and throw everything in the garbage! Buyers will ask all kinds of questions about how much the house costs to run and what has been done on the home in the last few years. The following are some of the paperwork you should organize and store in a drawer in the kitchen for the real estate agent to find easily:

  • Utility bills
  • Property tax statements
  • Renovation details
  • Applicable warranties
  • Condo documents (including annual AGM minutes and up to date insurance certificate)

Buy your moving supplies in bulk

It is recommended to buy all your moving supplies in bulk to save money. Some moving companies offer kits at a reduced cost that includes everything you will need for the size of home you have. Sometimes these companies may have second-hand boxes, which they may give away or sell for a discounted price.

Get extra keys cut

You will need extra keys for the lockbox that the real estate agent puts on your home. Plus, you will need keys for when closing date comes – and it will. Many sellers leave the key cutting to the last minute and then they are rushing around trying to find a place to cut the key, or the time you decide to go is when everyone in the city is in line infront of you.

Start with the rooms that buyers are more interested in

Some of the key rooms in the house are the bathrooms and kitchen. This is where people are showering and eating. If it is not clean they will be instantly turned off. Take the time to clean all the drawers, cabinets, and flooring. Here are few other tips for these very important rooms:

Bathroom staging tips

  • Hide all toiletries
  • Buy white towels and display in every bathroom
  • Buy new bathroom items for display such as toothbrush holder, shower curtain, bath mat, etc.

Kitchen staging tips

  • Clear your countertops! Get rid of everything – buyers want to see the potential space, not your Magic Bullet.
  • Clean all your cupboards and reorganize them. Make the buyer see all the room in the cupboards.
  • Put your oven on self-clean. Buyers will open the oven!
  • Invest in a fruit bowl for the middle of your kitchen table and put some colourful fresh fruit in there when you are ready to list the home.


Start cleaning up the bedrooms:

The bedroom is where everything that doesn’t have a place tends to end up. Whether it makes its way under the bed or stuffed a closet somewhere, now is the time to get it sorted out! The following are some things to think about when you are sorting out your bedrooms:

  • Get into your closest and take everything out. Create a pile for donations, one for garbage, and the other to neatly place back into the closet.
  • Invest in neutral bedding such as a cheap white duvet cover and some bright neutral pillows.
  • If you still have too many clothing items or personal effects then consider storing them offsite to ensure the buyer can see all the available space.

Focus on the living room and dining room:

The next step after the bedrooms have been cleaned up is to start work on the living and dining room. These rooms are where you tend to hang out in and they probably need some attention as well. Make sure you do at least the following things:

  • Cleaning and decluttering is the key here
  • Buy a few light throw pillows
  • Hide all electronic cables
  • Area rug to brighten the room

Sort out the Basement

This tends to be where most of your stuff goes to die. It sits there because you swear up and down that you are going to use it again, but you don't. Instead, it just encroaches on your space and starts to accumulate where it's out of sight and out of mind. Get into the basement and start sorting it all out. Take what you can to a storage facility, but it won't be the end of the world if some of your boxes and bins are stacked neatly in a corner. Buyers expect to see that kind of stuff in the basement.

Decluttering the entranceways

This is another key area to focus on. Most buyers make up their minds about a home within the first 15 seconds of walking in the house. The entrance needs to be inviting, clean, and completely decluttered.

As a general note for all the rooms, create a system that organizes your items into keep, donate, and throw away. This way you are only doing the process once in an organized manner. Take your time with each room and keep the process the same.



Get some Kleenex and start wiping those tears – you got this! By now you have gone through your home and have created a system that works for you.


Anything you are keeping, you need to pack and store offsite. This also helps you for when you are actually packing rooms. As you have decluttered, what is left will be minimal. The major work in the first two weeks will have been completed!  


Items for donations are a great way to give your stuff new life for people that really need it. You can find a charity near and dear to your heart and look into where you can drop the items off. If you have a lot of items, call the charity in advance and see if they provide a pick-up service for you. This will save you time so you can get back to the selling process!

Throw away:

For anything you feel does not have a second or third life, you can take to the dump and for a small fee, you can unload all your items. The other option is to call a company like 310-DUMP and they will come to your home and sort through your items you have tagged for garbage. Companies like these specialize in repurposing and reusing items that we may want to throw away.

Start looking at minor touch ups

Fill in holes left by hanging photos and artwork. If your house has many funky coloured walls that just put a smile on your face, it may be time to pick a neutral colour and start neutralizing these rooms. Brighter rooms give the illusion of more space, so if you have smaller rooms this should be on your list for sure. Some buyers just can’t see past some of these minor things. It is good to get a jump on items like this before your house sits on the market for a long period of time.


Clean up the garage and yard!

That’s right, remember when we talked about keeping the entranceway tidy as the buyer makes up their mind within the first 15 seconds of entering your home? The same applies to when buyers pull up to your house. Think of how you feel when you are house shopping. Do you love a house with a scruffy yard, a garage bursting at the seams with junk, and a shed that has been taken over by the local bug community? Exactly, you would not be impressed! Take the time to tidy this up and keep it clean.

Make a plan for your kids and pets

If you have pets and kids around the house, you want to make sure their clutter does not impact the buyer’s decision to purchase your home. A clean house sets the buyer’s mind at rest giving them a chance to imagine their possessions in your home.

Make your house smell good

With pets, kids, gym bags, and old food in the fridge, you need to clean it up and air the house. Don’t over fragrance your house as some buyers may not like certain smells. Light a mild candle and use some Febreeze to get most of the smells out of the furniture.

Clean Your Carpets

As hardwood flooring has become more common over the years, some buyers are becoming skeptical of carpeting. If you have the carpets cleaned professionally, you will notice a major difference to the colour of your carpet, as well as the smell. Call around to get a few quotes as it will be worth it in end.

Consider a home inspection

If you have an older house and are just not sure about the condition of everything, a home inspection is a great way to avoid losing buyers in the future. If you know what the issues are, you can fix them in advance and consider showing the inspection report to the buyers. They may still choose to have an independent inspection done, but at least you won’t be sweating the results!

Lindsay Johnson, part of the Dawn Walton crew, helped us buy our first house in Nanaimo recently and she was excellent. Attentive, forward, honest and fought for a great price and deal. She is down to earth and easy to work with. An easy 5 stars from myself and my family. Would highly recommend Lindsay!
James Scott
In the past two years we have dealt with Dawn Walton for three separate real estate transactions. In every instance, Dawn has been ready & willing to go the extra mile to provide very personalized and attentive service. Despite a full schedule of work and sporting activities, she was always available day and evening to address our questions and concerns. We recommended Dawn to a friend whose home that had been languishing on the market for over a year. Dawn managed to find a buyer within months of accepting the listing. We would not hesitate to recommend Dawn Walton to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in this area.
John & Christine W
Dawn is an excellent realtor. She was very professional throughout the entire process. We werevery happy with the video and photos that were taken that really showed off our home. Webelieve they were so much better than many realtors provide. Dawn was quick to prepare allthe documents and present our home. We felt that she addressed our concerns quickly as they arose and was always very positive. She went the extra mile to ensure she was on-sitefor every showing. We believe she represented us exceptionally well and we would hire heragain to sell our next home.
Nancy & Michael
This estate sale went smoothly and quickly. Thank you, Dawn!
Don M.
We chose Dawn after first seeing one of the properties on her listing. We were impressed by how professional, knowledegable and client centred she was. Since we work abroad and had a limited time, Dawn worked within our 3 week time schedule to help show us many homes within our price range and was very efficient in time and was easy to contact. Dawn would show us the homes we wanted to see and also gave suggestions to see other homes according to what we were looking in a home.We are very satisfied and feel blessed to have purchased our first home with Dawn and team as our agent. She helped find us a reputable lawyer who specializes in real estate and was very informative with us being first time home buyers. Overall, we are very satisfied.
Zhou Y.
So it’s officially official. My house has SOLD! Thank you Layzell Dreger Walton and Associates!Especially you Walton.Seriously, there were a lot of moving parts to this transaction and I sure appreciate the knowledge and experience of my wife! From surveys to septics and easements she madeeverything virtually stress free for me. I see her do it everyday for her clients and this was the first time I was on this end of the transaction. I’ve always been proud of the way she conducts herself in business and it’s nice to know she treats everyone with the same levelof care and attention. Thank you for everything Dawn
Dar R.
Dawn and her team were incredibly helpful. They were diligent to attend to all of our needs and answered all our questions. Dawn went above and beyond and made our first homebuying expereience amazing! We would highly recommend Dawn and her team.
AJ McLeod
My partner and I bought our first home with Dawn (who came recommended by good friends) and she eased a lot of our anxiety related to the buying process. She was a great advocate for us and was up front and clear with us about all the details. Thanks Dawn! We love our house!
Courtney Booth
Dawn and her entire team are the epitome of professional. They go over and above, are extremely organized, and fun to work with. Dawn knows the industry and market very well. Highly recommend!
Heather Jones
My husband and I recently worked with Casey Briggs to purchase our first home. As first time home buyers, we didn't really know what we were doing but felt totally supported by Casey the whole time. He was attentive to our needs and wants, respectful of our budget and got us into the homes we wanted to see. Once we found our home, he was absolutely fantastic in drawing up the contract, coaching us through the negotiations and helping us navigate the purchase process. Casey worked his butt off for us and we can't thank him enough!
Melanie G
Casey Briggs was friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful!Thanks for a terrific experience Casey!
Dawn & her team really know their stuff. She marketed our house perfect. She basically had it sold when she had the sign put up. Very happy with Dawn Walton & Associates.
Jon Oleshak
We highly recommend Dawn and her entire team. We sold our condo and bought a home in just over 2 weeks....moving included! Dawn was there every step of the way. Tara was also awesome, very quick to answer any and all questions. Cherie provides us with marketing updates. The whole process was seamless. We cannot thank Dawn and her team enough.-James, Janelle and baby Grace
James & Janelle Burke
My wife and I highly recommend them. The knowledge and professionalism is top notch. Our priorities in the house we wanted to buy changed during the process and they took it all in stride and helped us through that. Can’t thank the whole team enough for the experience we had and will not hesitate to call them again if we are in the market again!Thanks Dawn, Casey, Tara and Cherie!!
Coby Johnson
This is the team you want! Casey Briggs and Dawn Walton take care of their customers. Casey patiently offered his expertise, his most up to date knowledge of the market and kept us informed on homes that matched our criteria. We own that home now! Thank you Casey! Thank you Dawn!
Richard Kobayashi
Positive, energy plus , service plus
Lorna Mackinnon
It was great to work with Dawn because she listen to what I was looking for, she was available and always got back to me in a timely manner and she always did her homework on the propertys we were looking at. I find her very easy to get along with and she seemed to go out of her way to help me.
Jennifer Blakey
Dawn has been our realtor for a purchase and a sell, both times she went above and beyond. Dawn values her clients and has their best interests in mind. We suggest Dawn to all our friends and family, we wouldn't use any other realtor - she's the BEST!
Delea Trumbley
Dawn and her team guided us with patience, professionalism and sincere friendship through both the sale of our property and into the purchase of our next home.We felt well taken care of from start to finish. Thank you Dawn and Team!!!
Bert and Michelle
Dawn is a great Realtor. She is extremely professional and worked really hard to get us the house we wanted communicating with us every step of the way. Highly recommend!
Madeleine Radford
Very professional, excellent local market knowledge and super follow up.
Rosser Stevens
We had Dawn help us to find our house five years ago. she did such a great job, that we decided to have her as our agent when we decided to sell. Dawn and her staff provided us with the best service one can expect form a real estate team. Dawn was always there for us from listing to the end of the sale. Her staff provided us with weekly marketing stats, feedback from all the showings, etc. We highly recommend Dawn and her team to anyone who is considering buying or selling a property.
Chakra Mannerstrom
They went above and beyond for us, it was a complicated process moving our family over from the mainland and finding just what we need for just the right price, they did it all. They know what they are doing and work hard to get you what you need! They treated us like family and made what could have been a horrendous process, pain free and leaving us confident we picked the right place just the right time. You are all wonderful and we so appreciate the high quality service you gave us!
Chantelle Morvay-Adams
We can't say enough about Dawn and her wonderful team. They helped us sell our house by believing in the price that we wanted and doing everything they could to help us get it??. What we were most amazed about was the quality of the service that they provided; everything from the photography to the frequency of Open Houses to the follow up and counsel was first class. Dawn literally saved us thousands of dollars because of her wise input and we will be forever grateful. We would not hesitate to recommend Dawn Walton and Associates to anyone who wants a partner who goes above and beyond what we expected. In short, she is the "kind of realtor we did not know we were looking for!"
Barry LaValley
After speaking with many realtors, we chose to work with Dawn and her associates. Our decision was based on the professional manner she approached the sale with and her knowledge of the Nanaimo real-estate market. The complete team was great to work with. They produced an excellent marketing package and kept us informed with feed-back from showings. The good work did pay off quickly as the house was sold in short order and we were happy with the results. Expectations were exceeded. Thank you to a great team!
Luc Ouellet
Lindsay, our real estate agent, helped us buy our new home. She is very flexible and was able to accommodate our schedule when going out for viewings, which is not easy with shift work. Lindsay provided a stress and pressure free environment throughout our search. Lindsay was in tune with our needs and thought of us when new options became available. She is very knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had. She is very organized and gave good recommendations for the other facets of the purchase, such as the lawyer and house inspector. We are very happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for real estate.
Brianna Ferguson
Dawn is so confident and knowledgeable! Her and her team are always on it and made selling our condo super easy.
Emily Potvin
Meeting Lindsay by chance at an open house was the best thing that ever happened to us! Lindsay was incredible to work with from the very start and made the very daunting task of finding our first home much easier and more enjoyable. Lindsay was unbelievably attentive to our needs and immediately honed in on what we were looking for. She was vigilant and responsive to listings every minute of the day, hustling to make sure we didn't miss any opportunities. When we fell in love with a house she guided us through the steps of having an offer accepted with impressive professionalism and aptitude. We are now settled into our new home and are so very grateful to Lindsay every day for making it happen!
Rebecca Burrows
Lindsay Johnson and the whole Dawn Walton Team were absolutely fantastic in helping us find our new home here in Nanaimo! We are quite picky and we looked at many houses. Lindsay found us the perfect new home and was able accommodate all of our wants and needs. I would recommend Dawn Walton & Associates to anyone looking to sell or purchase!
Warren Haugan
Dawn and her team pay close attention to every detail that ensures a successful transaction. They took care of it all and communicated every detail along the way. Total professionals and great people.
Karen K - Dechamplain
We have been so blessed to work Dawn Walton and her team. The customers she refers to us are easy to deal with and love the way she deals with them. We also send our customers to her and we trust and enjoy the way she looks after them. Its a great relationship!
Greg Nowik
We were very lucky to have the services of Lindsay Johnson of Dawn Walton and Associates in Nanaimo in our successful search for a house in Nanaimo. If you are in need of professional assistance in the real estate arena in Nanaimo you will not find a more knowledgeable, honest, hard-working and easy to work with expert than Lindsay. She went above and beyond to help us purchase a home we are very happy with.
Robert Fredrickson
We were thinking about making a move for a while but were too scared to put our house up for sale before finding another house. We spoke to Dawn and explained our unusual circumstances ( we needed a 7 bedroom home). We took the leap and Dawn had our home sold within fourteen days, and found us our dream home. We were very happy with how everything went and would absolutely recommend her. Thanks Dawn & team!
Jami Easterbrook
My husband and I were looking to purchase our first home together, and Lindsay provided a level of service above and beyond what we ever imagined! She made the whole experience fun and exciting, and put so much thought into showing us homes in our price range and style. She is very knowledgeable in real estate, as well as passionate, and was a dream to work with! We are lucky to now call her our friend. We also love that she works very closely with all associates at Dawn Walton, and they really exhibit a team environment. You will feel very cared for with this group of people. ??
Alex Kilshaw
Being first time home buyers, we were very nervous to even look at houses. We weren’t sure what to look for, what to ask, and what to avoid. By asking the right questions, Lindsay successfully managed to understand what my partner and I were looking for in a home.
Natalie Bennett
I recently had the chance to work with Dawn Walton and would highly recommend her to anyone. We suddenly found a home just right for us, it checked all the boxes. She helped us win in a multiple offer and then prepare our home for a fast sale, getting us more than we would have anticipated. The high level marketing and professionalism for the sale of our home was exceptional. She knew how to deal with every little bump in the road and we always felt we were in great hands. Thank you Dawn!!!
Kristoffer Bennett
My fiancé and I had a wonderful experience buying our first home with the help of Dawn Walton & Associates. Lindsay Johnson spearheaded our search with kindness, professionalism and enthusiasm. We were looking for a realtor but we also gained a friend. Thank you so much Lindsay and the rest of the team at Dawn Walton and Associates!
Brenna Mackay
I have observed Dawn’s handling of both Sellers and Buyers and am impressed with the efficiency and fairness she delivers to all of her clients. Her impressive knowledge base of the Nanaimo market enables her to quickly provide the optimum solution for them. As a lender, I observe many realtors and very few come close to the level of proficiency and fairness she delivers on a daily basis. I have no hesitation in referring her as a top quality Realtor
Ron Bedell
True Professionals! We recently moved to Nanaimo where Casey Briggs at Dawn Walton & Associates helped us purchase a home. Having bought and sold previously I can honestly say this was *the best* real estate experience. Casey and the DW team did a great job on our behalf and made the transaction as easy as possible. They are experts and we will definitely recommend Casey and Dawn Walton & Associates.
Kim Elhatton
We had the good fortune of meeting Lindsay Johnson of Dawn Walton and Associates while looking for fractional ownership on Vancouver Island. Lindsay is first and foremost very professional, but has a lovely personal touch . She guided our way to the purchase without putting any pressure on us. She represents her clients and considers their best interests. If you are looking for a wonderful realtor, Lindsay Johnson is an excellent choice. Sue and Chris
Christian Bernard
Helpful with their knowledge of the housing market. Dawn is just great!
Don Kranenburg
We would like to thank Lindsay for everything that she has done for us. We thought we knew what we wanted but once we began looking, found that our wants were different. Lindsay was super patient with us and was able to help us find our home. We highly recommend Lindsay and Dawn Walton & Associates.
Christine Bootsma
My partner and I highly recommend Lindsay Johnson and her team to everyone we know in the market to sell or buy. We have worked with Lindsay on several transactions now, and she is super knowledgeable, genuine, fun to work with and makes a very possible stressful situation smooth and straight forward. Lindsay's level of dedication and diligence to her clients raises the bar of excellence. Thanks again to Lindsay and the whole Dawn Walton team
Krystal Hawksworth
Dawn and her associates were great to work with. In such a fast paced market, I always felt informed on properties I was interested in and was able to find a home I love! Dawn and her team were extremely flexible with my schedule, and very quick at getting back to me when I had any questions. I have already referred a colleague to Dawn and her team, and would recommend them to anyone!
Maggie Walsh
My wife and I found everyone at Dawn Walton & Associates to be very friendly and professional. We felt they went above and beyond with promoting our home. We would recommend them highly.
Roy Campbell
The experience of having our home listed with Dawn Walton & Associates was absolutely stress free! The high quality of photos, videos and all other material was beyond our expectations. Our realtor, Lindsay, was always available to answer questions. You actually felt like you're wrapped in a hug!
Karen Sklenka
Lindsay and her team were incredibly professional and extremely helpful. Selling a house is stressful and any time we needed that extra little help, even just a little positive reinforcement, Lindsay was there to assist - all with a smile and great attitude. 10/10
Michael Elliott
Lindsay Johnson was amazing to work with . She kept me informed through the Buying process. And was a tremendous asset for helping me pick the right house .
Carla Fleck
Lindsay Johnson, with Dawn Walton & Associates, was excellent to work with. From negotiation to closing she was knowledgeable, responsive, and very helpful. We purchased a rental property from out of province and she enabled a smooth transition. I would highly recommend Lindsay.
Paula Brook
We highly recommend Lindsay Johnson for buying or selling. She was very knowledgeable, personable and patient. We have gained a great friend in the process. Thanks Lindsay and everyone at Dawn Walton & Associates.
Jessica Okeley
I love Lyndsay from the start she was quick, interested and a huge help every step of the way. Awesome realtor working for an awesome company. Thank you you are the bomb
Tracy Cramer
Kurt and I would both highly recommend Lindsay Johnson at Dawn Walton & Associates. We moved from the Interior to the Island and she excelled in effectively communicating with us from afar. She is professional, knowledgeable, and demonstrated deep compassion and empathy, understanding the stress of buying during the Pandemic. She was our “ROCK!!!” Lindsay is very thorough and pays attention to details. She was invaluable during the buying process. She went over and above any of our expectations of what we thought a Realtor could offer. “Top Shelf" quality for sure! Thank-you so much Lindsay for helping us during an extremely difficult time and understanding what the meaning of “HOME” really means to us.
Kurt & Susan Huettmeyer
Lindsay helped us find our forever home when we moved from Alberta back to the coast. She was amazing, every step of the way, helping us understand the different neighbourhoods Nanaimo has to offer and the perks of each. We toured houses virtually and then in person, finally deciding to bid on a home I had fallen in love with. Lindsay is warm, open, and very knowledgeable. Working with Lindsay is like searching for a house with a good friend who gets what you are looking for and can steer you through the ins and outs of each part of the process. I can't recommend Lindsay enough.
Echo McNaughton
We have been very happy to have Dawn as our realtor. Dawn is extremely knowledgeable and able to clearly explain all of our questions. Dawn gives great advice and offers different perspectives which helps in decision making. Dawn was able to confidently handle a delayed closing date and made sure we were looked after. As usual Tara was quick to follow up with the paperwork to meet our deadlines. We have enjoyed working with Dawn and her team over the years and would strongly recommend them.
We have bought and sold 4 homes with Dawn and should we consider buying and selling again, we would without any hesitation at all ask Dawn to accompany us on that journey. Dawn and her entire team supported us, helped us, encouraged us and so much more. They go above and beyond what one may expect from their realtor and truly made us feel a part of their family. Buying a home is an incredibly stressful and nerve wracking experience, but we couldn’t image it being with anyone else. Thank you Dawn and family. We love you guys!
Anna Bedard
Dawn and her associates are truly amazing…we had so many questions leading up to buying our new place and Dawn was there to answer every one (sometimes before we ever asked). There is no way that we will ever use anyone else if we need to sell, or buy, again. I recommend Dawn Walton & Associates with all of my heart!!
Shaun Weighill
Dawn was great to work with. She works very hard, always positive and super helpful. She's very quick to respond with questions or inquiries and is very proactive. I would (and have!) definitely recommend her and her team again and I personally look forward to working with her again.
Kendall Rae
Dawn and her team are amazing. We recently relocated from Ontario to Nanaimo, in the midst of an intense seller’s market. We just cold called her on a recommendation from one of the only people we knew in town. Dawn was in full response mode, supporting us from a distance like a champ! She is genuine and caring. She navigated us through this tricky market and we came out on top. We are so grateful and will always work with her in the future.
Allyson Gable
We bought our house in Nanaimo in 2020 during COVID. We were coming to the island from the mainland and because of COVID it made viewing and purchasing very difficult. Dawn Walton made a stressful experience smooth and less stressful. We had to rely on her to find us our dream home, and that is exactly what she did. Thank you to Dawn and her whole team for finding us our forever home.
Fila MacLennan
Love Dawn. Wouldn't work with any other real estate agent when looking to purchase or sell a home.
Debbie Allen
We’ve had successful results when looking for 2 homes through Dawn Walton and Associates. They were very accommodating and listened to our want and need list. They were patient, we searched for many months, on both occasions, and looked at sooo many houses. Sometimes returning to view a house to make sure it was or wasn’t the one up to three times. I believe that after dealing with Dawn the first time, she knew us well enough to know that this house was the one for us. When we first looked at the house, which was not listed officially yet. She came with paperwork completed, knowing that this house was the winner. We both appreciated the foresight and assertiveness that Dawn and Team brought to the table. Dawn Walton and Associates Thank you for all your hard work.
David & Audrey Campbell
Dawn has helped me sell 2 homes! I love her team as much as I love her! So much respect for everything we were going through at the time. I will be moving back to the island again… and Dawn will for sure be my realtor! Dawns ability to be candid and considerate at the same time is a skill most people search a lifetime for. There was not one moment that I felt alone in the choices I had to make… they were there for me every step of the way… with so much insight!
Cheryl Gunderson
Dawn and her team made our first home buying experience fantastic! She made us feel very comfortable and our questions were always met with thoughtful and timely answers. We felt like Dawn was really in our corner the entire time and we ended up buying the most perfect first home for our family. Would highly recommend!!
Katie Backstrom
Casey was wonderful. During SUPER challenging times in the real-estate market everyone at Dawn Walton & Associates were ready to go above and beyond to help me out.
Nick Scott
Awesome to work with during the hard Covid times, went above and beyond to help find our dream home
Joshua Petroski
A huge thank you to Casey and Dawn Walton team for helping us find our home.
Bridget Clerkin
Casey was wonderful to work with. He is very professional, respectful, knowledgeable, experienced and very accessible. He was always a text, email or phone call away, no matter what time, he was there for us. We moved from Alberta and wanted to purchase a property in Nanaimo. This is the first time we experienced buying a home virtually, and Casey made it really easy to connect, made the showing detailed and answered all the questions as we went along. He listened to our needs and expectations. He guided us through the process of buying a home in BC and gave us great advice and pointers. No need to look further, Casey and his team at Dawn Walton & Associates were the best.
P&J Kakulphimp
Our realtor was Casey and he did a great job helping us find a home in Nanaimo when we moved here from Alberta. Anytime we reached out to him, he responded very quickly and was great at providing details and suggestions. We very much recommend.
Shehla Briegel
The sale and purchase of a new home has been identified as one of life’s greatest stresses. Add to that a COVID world and weather events that have created their own unique terminology; heat domes, atmospheric rivers and the arctic vortex. Throughout this tumultuous time, through the steady, unwavering guidance of Dawn Walton I found my forever home. A beautiful rancher nestled within three acres of paradise. I cannot speak more highly of Dawn and her team as they brought to completion the purchase of my new home under the most challenging of circumstances.
Leah Bendell
We’re extremely happy with the service we received with Dawn Walton & Associates when buying our new home. They made us feel like we were their only clients.
Yves Bouchard
An exceptional team of professionals. Very attentive to our preferences and desires to find our new home. We came from the mainland and needed a realtor who was well versed in all the neighbourhoods and what each community could provide our family. They are kind, experienced, collaborative and a strong team. We highly recommend Dawn Walton and Associates.
Lynne Bouchard
My wife and I have bought and sold multiple properties in Nanaimo and met many realtors. When we decided to downsize, we chose this group to help us with the sale. Without question, Dawn and her team provided an exceptional level of service. We received honest and straightforward advice, prompt service, and had incredible follow up to any issues. I would certainly recommend this team.
Danny Phoenix
I am very pleased as to how fast my patio home sold! Showings were done in an organized fashion so I didn’t have to be away from my home too long of periods in a day! Photography did justice to the property, info booklet was beautiful and in less than a week the sale was done! Dawn left me a gift of packing supplies which I really appreciated. I will recommend Dawn Walton Associates to all my friends and Family!
Gail Olyniuk
Lindsay is a lucky charm and hardest working realtor out there! Wow...she sold it in 3 days and for over-asking! Could not have worked out better! WE THANK YOU FROM BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!
Susan McNamee