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Play Space for Pets

Have a pet? Whether it’s a dog, cat, or any other animal, they’re part of the family. Like any family member, they would love to have their own space to play. Here are a few easy DIY projects that will help create a fun and comfortable space for your pets.

You can’t be home all of the time to let your pets outside. Create a pet door that opens up into a special fenced area in your yard that’s made just for your pet. Better yet, you can create a space that includes a little cover so that your pet can enjoy the sun and the shade while you’re away. It’s a spot...

What Emotions Do You Have When Buying a Home?

Buying a home brings on a rollercoaster of emotions. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for your very first home or downsizing to your retirement home, it’s always an emotional journey. Here are few common emotions buyers experience during the process.



You’ll feel excited to take this next step in life! You’re looking for your next dream home online. You’re building your list of wants and needs in a home.


4 Ways to Break the Ice With Your New Neighbours


It seems the days of Welcome Wagons – new neighbours knocking on your door to offer cookies, pies, and friendship - may be long gone. So how do you meet the new neighbours? Or, how do you reconnect with neighbours you haven't seen in awhile or neighbours you never took the time to meet truly? Sometimes bad neighbours are a reason people decide to move, so in this email, we wanted to provide a few creative ideas for both introverts and extroverts to get to know neighbours.


Looking for new neighbours? Give...