How's Your Outdoor Entertainment Game

In the warm summer months, there’s nothing better than having friends or family over for a fun backyard party or outdoor barbecue. But there’s an art to throwing a great party, and if you don’t keep your guests properly entertained, they might not stick around for long.

Whether you have a huge yard or a tiny patio, here are three ways to level up your outdoor entertainment game and keep your guests happy this summer. 

Giant games

Our guests will undoubtedly be entertained by watching or playing a massive version of popular childhood games, such as Jenga or Connect Four. Try Jenga® GIANT™; just like with the tiny version, the goal is to remove and add blocks without knocking over the whole thing. Everyone will be on their toes, watching to see when it will tumble.

Outdoor bar with cooler

A traditional cooler does the trick if you just need your drinks chilled. But step up your game with a nice outdoor bar like this one that expands to reveal a spot to add ice and cool your beverages. It’s also great for setting out ingredients for fun mixed drinks.

Camouflaged speaker

Playing great music can change the entire atmosphere of a gathering. This weatherproof speaker, which is camouflaged as a rock, looks like part of your landscaping and can provide a soundtrack to your parties regardless of the weather.

Does your current place lack the room for entertaining? If you’re looking for a new home with a backyard, please reach out — We would love to help!

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