Selling Your Home

5 New Year's Resolutions to Sell Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home in the near future? Regardless of season or market conditions, remember that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Make it memorable for all the right reasons. Before listing your home, commit to these five New Year’s Resolutions to help ensure the quickest sale for the highest price.


Set your listing date well in advance to help you anticipate, plan and prepare to sell your home. The process of changing homes has a lot of moving parts and is a coordinated effort between you and your team of experts. Think real estate agent, lender, lawyer, home inspector, trades, movers… the list continues. This is especially the case if you'll also be buying a new home at the same time, as many people do. Reach out to...

Which Home Improvement Upgrade Would you Choose?

Choosing a home improvement project is a major decision with many questions that need to be answered. One essential question is, “will you get an ROI on your home upgrade?” Three common improvement projects include remodeling or finishing a basement, kitchen remodels and bathroom, take a look at the ROI.


7 Reasons Why Fall IS the Time to Buy or Sell

Silver medal. Runner-up. Fall. These are all considered to be the second choice, but there are so many benefits to buying or selling a home in fall that we can’t help but push back on any thoughts that the season should be dismissed as subpar. After all, vanilla is the top-selling brand of ice cream, but does that make it better than other frozen treats? We think not! Consider these seven reasons to buy or sell this fall.

Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Fall

Spring may have higher demand,...

5 Tips to Turn Your Starter Home into a Luxury Haven

Every homebuyer is looking for their own little slice of heaven, but not everyone has the budget to buy high-end. These quick and cost-effective home improvements will add a touch of luxury on a starter home budget. If you want to add value to your home without breaking the bank, watch this video and read on.

Light It Up!

If your starter home still has the same basic lighting fixtures you had when you first moved in, it's time to remove them. Replace any overhead lights with modern, show-stopping pendant fixtures to instantly update the space and bring it into the current age.

Every nook and cranny should have a pair of matching wall sconces or side lamps, so that no area is...

Ways to Increase ROI

Top Ways to Increase ROI with just $1,000

When thinking about how to add value to your home and increase ROI, sometimes it’s better to think small rather than big. Sure, a full kitchen reno would be nice, but there are plenty of more-economical upgrades that can bring up your listing price. Armed with just $1,000, here are five renovation ideas that will increase ROI – and the likelihood of a quick sale!

1. Shut the Front Door!

ROI1.jpgWe all know first impressions are important, so the first step is making sure your home’s front door is in tip-top shape. You can do this by replacing the door outright...

Top 5 Garden Trends

5 Landscaping Trends That Are on the Rise

According to a recent survey conducted by Leger on behalf of RE/MAX, green space is trending as the most in-demand amenity sought by homebuyers, aside from price. While parks are highly sought-after, your yard can also translate to more "green," when it comes to an offer on your listing. Maximize your little piece of the great outdoors with these five hot landscaping trends.

1. Think Smart, Think Small

Having limited outdoor space is nothing new; especially for city dwellers. How that space is used is pushing the envelope. Multitasking is king when it comes to planning which features to add and where to plant what within limited square footage. For example, a water feature can be integrated into the irrigation system, doubling the function of a single feature.


4 Factors That Will Affect Housing Activity in 2018

4 Housing Market Dist 1

Some prospective homebuyers are taking a wait-and-see approach to buying a home this year, perhaps anticipating further fallout from the new mortgage qualification rules or rising interest rates. Keep these four factors on your radar when deciding whether to purchase this year.

4 Housing Market Dist 2

1. New mortgage rules

A few months into the stress test, how has housing activity been affected thus far and was all that stress substantiated? It’s still early days to make a definitive call, as year-over-year comparisons of home sales and prices are skewed. It’s not...

What Is Your Home Really Worth? Assessed and Market Value Explained!

Now that the most recent British Columbia property assessments are in hand, there may be some lingering questions about how the B.C. Assessment Authority determines home values in your region. The Nanaimo real estate experts at Layzell, Dreger, Walton & Associates hope that we can clear up some misnomers about what your home is really worth, and to help you feel more informed about the difference between assessed value vs. market value.

As a home buyer or home seller, it's always wise to inform ourselves about the many different facets of what home ownership entails. These facets can include anything from possible rental revenue, added strata fees, to municipal home assessments that will impact our annual financial status.

The first thing we'd like to clear up is the difference between...

Top 5 Tips for Selling a Home in Winter

It might seem that everyone is hibernating for the winter, but home shoppers are still out there in the colder months. Here are few tips for making your listing stand out.

1. Stay warm

This is not the time to save a few bucks on your heating bill. You want to create a feeling of welcoming warmth, and you can't do that with a chilly house. If the home is vacant, keep the heater on a timer so the property is warm during showing times.

2. Lighten up

It's even more important to make sure each room is well-lit during the darker winter months. Table and standing lamps are quick fixes for a dim room.

3. Highlight seasonal features

Build a fire. Arrange some plush throws and...